User Spotlight: Tom Bryan

What do you do?

I’m a filmmaker. I split my time between paid corporate work and creating my own short films

What does your lender earnings go towards?

Most of my income goes into buying new gear. Since I started lending I’ve been able to buy a new camera, a new gimbal and a few lenses.

How does kit sharing benefit creatives?

It’s likely that if you hire kit from someone on platforms like BorrowFox you are going to find like minded people who are in the industry for similar reasons you are.

What does the future hold for peer to peer sharing of kit look like in your opinion?

Soon there will be camera equipment available in every street corner. It will people to receive income from their kit, subsidizing the high cost of purchase, and give great value for people who want to hire kit wherever they will be.

Which type of film-making do you do?

I direct short films. Before I came across peer to peer kit rental, I shot a few short films on very low budgets. Going to a traditional hire house for gear rental was completely out of the question because they were too expensive. Back then I needed a resource where I could rent gear from other creatives at a much lower cost. And now it exists it’s amazing

What equipment do you use?

I love using gimbals. I think they are a great, low cost way to boost the production values of your film. And now they come in all different shapes and sizes theres so much choice. I own 4 gimbals, all of them I rent regularly.

Who is your biggest influence?

Christopher Nolan

Which is your favourite picture you’ve ever snapped?

A photo of a Japanese castle with cherry blossom hanging over the side of the frame.

What made you decide that film-making was going to be your chosen path?

At university I bought myself a little miniDV handycam and filmed my student years. I had been told my university years would be the best years of my life so I wanted to document this. This expanded creatively when I was able to film for the student radio station, and put together live music sessions and video news reports. Suddenly film-making seemed a much more exciting option then my degree in Physics was offering me. So when I left university I knew I had to pursue something more creative.
Where can readers find your work?

You can find my work on my YouTube channel.

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