Top Parks in London to Capture Stunning Nature Photographs

When people think of London, they often think of a thriving metropolis. The city’s diversity, fast paced lifestyle, and bustling streets are iconic. However, the city is also home to some of the most beautiful public parks in all of Europe. For Londoners, these public green spaces offer a respite from the sometimes overwhelming pace of the city. For London based photographers and filmmakers, these green spaces offer tranquillity as well as an opportunity to grow creatively. In these spaces it is easy to forget why London received the infamous moniker of the “Big Smoke”. Here are some BorrowFox’s favourite parks in which to capture beautiful nature photographs:

The Best Parks in London to Photograph

Hampstead Heath


Hampstead Heath runs from Hampstead to Highgate and is one of the largest public parks in all of London. Covering an incredible 790 acres, the Heath is the perfect place to visit if you want to feel like you have fully escaped London. The park is especially known for its various ponds that offer Londoners and tourists alike a chance to cool down on the hotter summer days. Additionally, the Hampstead Heath Woods, an ancient forest that is located in both the South and North of the Heath, is a site of special scientific interest. The woods attract rare insects and the trees are a site to behold. Hampstead Heath is one of the most untamed and natural feeling parks in the entire city. Unlike the manicured grounds of other public green spaces, the Heath offers photographers the chance to capture what feels like a true wilderness setting.

Regents Park

While not as wild or secluded as Hampstead Heath, Regents Park, which spans 410 acres, is a beautiful space to relax and capture nature based photographs. The park boasts a variety of beautifully manicured gardens that are perfect for photographers who want to practice their macro photography. The playgrounds, as well as the London Zoo, attract many visitors, which make it a good place to capture the interactions between people and the natural world.

Greenwich Park

Greenwich park is one of the largest public green spaces in South East London, and one of the most special parks in the city as a whole. At 183 acres, it is the largest enclosed Royal Park in the country. As a former hunting ground for King Henry VIII, a large variety of wildlife still call Greenwich Park home. It is an animal sanctuary smack dab in the middle of the busy city where it is a common occurrence to see deer, foxes, and over 70 different species of birds. If you are a photographer who wants to hone your animal photography, Greenwich Park is a safe bet.

Richmond Park


Richmond Park is the largest Royal Park in the city of London. Measuring 2,360 acres, the park is roughly three times the size of New York’s Central Park. The park’s vast territory makes it certain that photographers can capture truly unique shots. Like Hampstead Heath and Greenwich Park, Richmond offers photographers a chance to capture the serenity of nature while still in the confines of the city. Deer, woodpeckers, squirrels, rabbits, snakes, toads, frogs, and rare beetles call the park home. There is even a thriving population of parakeets that emerged from members of the species escaping captivity. The animal population, combined with the beautiful ponds and plant life make it a great place to hone photographic skills that would otherwise be impossible to maintain in the city proper.


Which ever one of the many beautiful London green spaces you decide to visit and practice your nature photography, it is imperative to bring along some great camera equipment. Make sure to check out some of the great deals on BorrowFox in order to get the best pictures from your next trek into London’s wilderness.

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