Tips for Capturing the Perfect Autumnal Photograph

With the amount of sunlight rapidly diminishing, the leaves falling off the trees, and of course the Halloween decorations sprinkled around, October is the perfect time to capture some great photographs. Autumn is a season that conjures up feelings of death, decay, and the upcoming bleakness of winter. That is not to say, however, that these themes are not good for photography. In fact, unlike Summer, Autumnal photography can help develop a photographer’s eye for moodier photographs. That is why we at BorrowFox have compiled some tips for capturing the perfect autumnal photograph.

Choose Your Autumnal Subject

The type of equipment you need, and the settings you will use are dependent on what autumn themed subject you want to photograph. Here are four potential ideas, with tips on how to get the most out of your camera for each specific idea.


The changing of the leaves during Autumn is probably what signifies the season best. The muted browns and yellows, combined with the vibrant reds of the leaves make the trees impossible to ignore, and nearly impossible not to photograph. Once you find the right tree with the perfect combination of colours and in a setting you find pleasing, you will want to think about the composition of the shot. There are a lot of different ways to compose a great photograph of a tree. One such way is to isolate the tree and shoot from a low angle with the sky as a background. Another effective idea is to shoot in a forest or a park – capturing a broad range of the splendour of the autumnal trees. Any high end camera and lens on BorrowFox will be able to do the job.


Shooting leaves might seem similar to photographing trees, but there are vastly different techniques and equipment required to capture the small detail of an individual leaf. Firstly, find a leaf that has an interesting texture, character, and color. Once you do, find a background that will complement the leaf such as grass, your hand, the pavement etc. Once the scene is set up, break out a macro lens and try to accentuate the unique details. The results can be stunning.

Mist and Fog

Shooting in the mist and fog can be a great way to capture the evocative, mysterious, and moody nature of Autumn. Luckily, there is no shortage of mist in the UK, especially during Autumn, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a misty scene worth photographing. Whether you are shooting in the city or in nature, fog can can add a beautiful foreboding and spooky sense to a photograph – themes that fit perfectly in the season. Fog and mist will significantly effect the amount of light present, so pay close attention to your ISO and shutter speed in order to get results that are worth looking at. Additionally, you can play with the light in post production to create some truly remarkable photographs.


Autumn is certainly a beautiful time to photograph nature scenes, but it is also a time when you explore the culture society has created around the season. Halloween is meant to be equally parts scary and silly which can offer a fascinating contrast in photographs. Taking portraits of various people in their costumes is both fun and can make for an engaging picture. A Jack O’ Lantern lit up at night can help you practice your night time photography while simultaneously replicating the interesting figures people carve during Halloween. Run with your creativity, and don’t be afraid to capture the creativity that others have put on display.

Autumn at BorrowFox

At BorrowFox, it is always our goal to make creativity accessible. So, if you are feeling especially inspired by the beautiful and fascinating sights that come with the Autumn season, follow these tips, rent some kit, and take some great photographs.

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