Three Pieces of Kit to Bring on Your Next Nature Photo Shoot

Photo by Reddit User CowBoyAtWork

Nature photography can be, in a word, breath taking. The right location, matched with patience, a good eye, and a bit of luck can create a sense of pure awe in its viewer. While nature photography has the potential to inspire and amaze, it is nearly impossible to capture a truly stunning image without the right kit. Luckily, BorrowFox has all of the equipment you might need to photograph all that the natural world has to offer.


There are a variety of great DSLR cameras on offer at BorrowFox that can elevate your next nature shoot. Every DSLR camera offered on the site, from the Canon EOS 80D, to the Panasonic Lumix GH5, and the Sony A7S, can shoot in RAW format. Shooting in RAW, especially when it comes to shooting the natural world, is key to capturing a high quality photo. The RAW format allows for a significantly higher amount of image quality, levels of brightness, and levels of detail. Additionally, shooting in RAW allows for more freedom when it comes to editing. As long as you’re shooting in RAW, any of the DSLR cameras offered on BorrowFox are a good bet. Personal preference and budget can help you narrow the choices down.


Choosing the right lens is critical to the quality of any photo you might take, but it is especially important when shooting natural scenes. The type of lens you will want to rent depends on what part of nature you want to photograph. If you want to capture animals in their natural habitat without disturbing them and ruining the shot, consider renting a telephoto lens which range from £7.00 to £540.00 a day on BorrowFox. If you are interested in capturing stunning landscapes, wide angle lenses (£10.00 – £270.00 a day) are best. A wide angle can provide a greater depth of field and give a great sense of space in your photograph.


While the tripod is certainly not the sexiest piece of kit, at least compared to cameras or lenses, they can be a lifesaver when attempting to capture jaw-dropping natural scenes. BorrowFox offers a wide array of tripods that range from £3.75 to £60.00 a day.

With these three key pieces of kit, some creativity (and maybe a pair of good hiking boots) impressive nature photography can be at every BorrowFox user’s fingertips.


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