The Top Four Gifts for Photography Lovers

Budding and professional photographers alike will appreciate the gifts in this guide. The key to the perfect gift for a photographer is to offer them the chance to develop their skills in new directions. Gifting your photographer friend the chance to experiment with a new piece of kit or a new photography based experience  could take their work in exciting and unexpected new directions. Consider also the gift of inspiration: a well-chosen photography book is an invaluable and thoughtful present for those in search of creative stimulation.

Great Photography Gifts

Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art

This beautiful photography book traces abstract art and photography’s parallel development.  It brings to life the innovations of key photographers from the Bauhaus school, as well as surrealist artists from the 1920s and 1930s, the “subjective photographers” of the 1940s and 1950s as well as contemporary artists. It acts as a masterclass in innovation: the artists each approach photography in a deeply creative way, using the medium to unlock new meaning in their respective art movements. While this particular book would make for a great gift, photography books in general are a good bet for the photographers in your life.


Widely considered one of the most exciting innovations in photography, the opportunity to shoot with a drone is sure to delight photography fans. With this piece of kit the opportunities for stunning landscape photography or unusual portrait photography are unparalleled. While high quality drones are certainly not cheap, BorrowFox has affordable rental options for drones. So, if your friend or loved one has a shoot coming up, or just wants to play around with an exciting piece of technology for a day, or even a week, drone rental will be sure to delight.

Film Cameras

Film continues to delight photographers. Its ability to capture nuances in tone, light and shadow simply cannot be replicated when shooting with a digital camera. However, the cost of film often prohibits young photographers from embracing the experimental, trial and error process that is inherent when shooting analog. In this way, the gift of a film photography will be greatly appreciated by anyone with a visual eye. If you are not sure whether or not a film camera would excite the gift receiver in question, you can always rent one of the many film cameras from BorrowFox for him or her. If he or she likes it, then you can purchase one outright.

Studio Space


The opportunity to shoot in a studio is can open up a wealth of creative opportunities for a photographer that simply cannot be replicated outside of a professional photography studio. Access to a studio for even just a few hours can give photographers the chance to realize some beautiful images. Renting studio space for a friend as a gift is about as unique, and special a gift you can give a photographer. Not having to pay the usually high premiums for studio space can be an added gift to you.

Rent With BorrowFox

Whatever gift you decide to give your photography or filmmaker buff friend, you should definitely consider some of the great rental options from BorrowFox. To make the deal even sweeter, our referral program can give you up to £50 off your next rental – making your gift both special, and affordable

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