Studio Spotlight: Green Screen Cyclorama Video Production Studio

At BorrowFox, we specialise in making creativity accessible. While this is usually achieved through renting various film and camera related equipment, we also offer beautiful and affordable spaces where you can shoot to your heart’s content. One such space is the Green Screen Cyclorama Video Production Studio.

The Benefits of a Green Screen

Green screen studios can be an incredibly useful place to film a variety of projects. As BorrowFoxer Nik describes it, the space is ‘ideal for filming broadcast multi-camera interviews, TV commercials, music videos, theatre/ TV promos, web presentation, and live-streaming of news and entertainment.’ A green screen can save you a lot of time. Instead of having to location scout, you can simply digitally generate the setting of your choice. Additionally, this will can prevent unexpected hurdles, such as weather, from hindering your project. Similarly, finding the perfect lighting and trying to prevent outside noise won’t be an issue.

Another great part of green screen technology, is the ability to tweak content as much as you need. If you don’t get the right shots in a traditional studio, or outside, the only way to fix them is to completely reshoot. With a green screen, you can change the background to suit your needs. It makes it so that it is easy to revisit projects in the future, and perfect the content.

The Green Screen Cyclorama Video Production Studio:

A Great Option

The Green Screen Cyclorama Video Production Studio is not only a cutting-edge space that boasts a U-Shaped floor to ceiling Cyclorama that measures W: 23ft (7m) x L: 30ft (9m) x H: 10ft (3m) and is pre-lit with low-heat Photon Beard lighting. It is also a space that is comfortable and welcoming. A place where the whole crew will feel at home and be able to focus primarily on their work instead of unneeded distractions. ‘The huge 2000 sq.ft client holding area is complete with WiFi, Sky TV and provides a relaxed holding space for 30 plus people; including separate make-up and dressing room facilities. Refreshments and a catering service are also available on site.’

The Green Screen Cyclorama Video Production studio is, like all of the studio spaces available on BorrowFox, a low cost and well-maintained area to capture some great footage. For only £199 a day, it is sure to be a great, and inexpensive location for your next project.

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