Steadicams and Stabilizers on Offer

In the 1970s Garret Brown revolutionized film making with the invention of the Steadicam. The Steadicam, which was first used in the film Bound For Glory, was truly a piece of movie magic when it made its way in to Hollywood. While stable moving shots had obviously always existed in film, those shots were often dependent on having a dolly and track which could greatly hamper the artistic and creative freedom of a director or cinematographer. The Steadicam changed that. Brown stated: ‘I love moving the camera, but I intentionally disliked shaky, handheld shots. I have the instinct that when we walk around, we see a stabilized image. When you walk, you see what looks like a dolly shot…The astonishing, and lucky thing, about this little invention was you could show someone the effect and not show them the cause. You could show them the impossible shot and they would have no clue whatsoever how you did it.’ When Stanley Kubrick saw a demonstration of the technology he told brown that the invention would ‘revolutionize the way films are shot.’ He was right. As the popularity of stabilization has grown, the technology has only improved. At BorrowFox, we offer a variety of stabilizers that will help you capture movie magic on your next shoot. Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. Zhiyun-Tech Crane V2 Gimbal (£30 a Day)

The Zhiyun-Tech Crane V2 Gimbal is a  professional 3-Axis stabilizer handheld gimbal that is perfect for mirrorless and small DSLR cameras. The piece of kit is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at only 950g and can support up to 1800g without a problem. With a little bit of know-how, this piece of kit can truly elevate your next project.  


  1. SturdyCam Stabilizer (£20 a Day)

Unlike vertical sled stabilizers (such as Glidecam and Flycam stabilizer), the SturdyCam arc design is a great option for hand held use without arm and vest attachments. The center of gravity rests exactly on the operator’s hand, so there is no wrist stress. Like the Zhiyun-Tech Crane V2, the SturdyCam is best for smaller, lighter weight cameras.

  1. DJI Ronin (£60 a Day)

The DJI Ronin stabilizer gimbal is a great option for filmmakers who are using heavier cameras. While the Zhiyun-Tech Crane and SturdyCam are great options, they can not support bigger cameras. As BorrowFox user Tom states: ‘I regularly use this Ronin with my 5D and A7s cameras. It’s also great at holding heavier cameras such as the C300, Blackmagic, and Red cameras.’

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