Product Spotlight: BenQ W710ST Short Throw Projector

READ TIME: 1 Minute

The BenQ W710ST Short Throw Projector, now on BorrowFox for only £15 a day, is a fantastic projector, especially for the price. As a short throw projector, the BenQ can project onto a wall or screen from a very short distance. With a native 1280×720 pixel resolution (720p), 2,500 lumen output, and 10,000:1 contrast ratio, the images look great. The ability to project from small distances allows for amazing versatility. It can easily project on the walls of even the smallest flat. In addition to the BenQ’s versatility, the projector is also exceedingly easily to set up. The inputs and buttons are well labeled, and the instructions are self-explanatory and straightforward.

Because the BenQ is so easy to use, it gives you a wealth of options inprojecting what you want to quickly, and easily. If you want to emulate the experience of the cinema with you and your friends, the £15 price tag is less than a cinema ticket. Want to have a viewing party for your most recent film? Wow your audience with the BenQ. Hosting a video game tournament in your flat? Elevate the experience with an immersive projected image instead of crowding around your TV.

However you decide to use the BenQ W710st projector, rest assured that it offers great quality, ease of use, and, if rented through BorrowFox, great value.


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