How to Capture a Beautiful Sunset

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A sunset is one of the most engrossing, beautiful phenomena in all of nature. For nature photographers, the beauty of the outside world can all too often rely on luck. Fortunately, the sun sets everyday so for those photographers looking for something both beautiful and predictable sunsets are a great option. While sunsets are, of course, easy to predict, they are not necessarily easy to capture well. That’s why we have compiled some helpful tips to help you on your way to capturing the majesty of a radiant sunset.


Obviously, photographing a sunset is not as difficult or luck based as capturing other natural phenomena. You don’t have to travel to the far north at the height of winter and hope to spot the Northern Lights. However, if you are planning to capture a sunset, you should still prepare. Checking the weather on the day of your shoot is key. Additionally, make sure to scope out where exactly you want to shoot. Is there a good view? Is it a busy area? Can you set up a tripod there? These are all questions you should ask yourself.


While a sunset in and of itself can make fake for a mesmerizing photograph, the affect the photo has on its viewers will also rely heavily on what else is in the picture. Some examples include oceans, mountains, streams, or whatever you think will add some depth and interest to the photograph.


While it might not seem it at first glance, the details of a sunset are very delicate. Shooting in RAW will let you pick up on all of the smaller things which will make for a better picture.


Picking a lens will determine the composition of your photo. Do you want a wide sweeping shot of the entire landscape where the ambient colours are accentuated? If so, go for a wide-angle lens. If you want a close up of the sun, pick up a telephoto lens.


Underexposing with a faster shutter speed will be sure to add an otherwise unachievable hint of drama to your shot.


This tip is optional, but a panoramic shot can reveal the other various hues in the sky that you might miss if you only take standard shots.

7.PICK YOUR Camera

Smartphones are great and all, but they simply do not have the features nor the resolution to truly do a beautiful sunset justice. Whatever style or brand you prefer can be found in the BorrowFox camera section. Also, be sure to rent out a tripod. It will help your photos be more consistent and will save your arms from some soreness.


This last tip might go without saying, but it can’t hurt to reiterate that it is critical to be creative when shooting sunsets. As mentioned before, the sunset is a relatively easy natural phenomenon to shoot which means there are a lot of pictures of it. If you play around with your horizon lines, your shutter speed, your aperture, your settings, and your kit, you can take a sunset photo that stands out amongst a sea of photographers with the same subject.

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