Four Key Tips to Elevate Your Real Estate Listing Photos

Taking great photos of your home is more important than ever in 2018, because so many potential buyers do most of their home shopping online. Data from shows that nearly half of prospective home buyers look online first, making the photos you list online critical to making a good impression. To get top quality photos, consider working with real estate agents from companies like Clever Real Estate which offers full-service at flat fees. By saving money, homeowners can hire a professional photographer, rent high-quality equipment, and ultimately try new techniques to make the photos stand apart from the crowd. Each option provides its own benefits. If you are not confident in your photography skills, hiring a professional photographer is a good bet. If you have a good eye and some photography experience, renting a high end camera from BorrowFox can help to elevate your photos and make your listing more attractive to potential buyers. In either case, make sure to share your photos with your real estate agent in order to double check if they are suitable for posting.

1. Complement Your Home’s Architectural Style

The décor of your home should match your style and preferences if you are living in it. Once you are ready to move out, try making some changes that compliment the home’s architectural features and style. This will help potential buyers identify the style and take note of important architectural details. Some easy ways to highlight popular architectural styles include:

  • Add antiqueinspired décor items, like ornate vases or embroidered tapestries, to complement the fine details found in Victorian-style homes.
  • Remove any large furniture items that block sight lines and define the spaces within an openplan, contemporary home. This will help buyers feel less restricted and imagine how they might revamp the living areas.
  • Hang mirrors and simple décor items in geometric shapes or paint trim or doors in black or a metallic tone to complement Art Deco style homes.  

2. Increase All Kinds of Light

Increasing the light levels in your photos goes beyond opening all the curtains and turning the lights on. Consider using brighter bulbs in your existing light fixtures to increase the light level in dark rooms. Repainting colored walls with a fresh coat of white will help reflect the light that already comes in and make the whole room look brighter. Roll up area rugs for the photo to let the floor surface reflect more light and look bigger overall.

3. Get Close Up to Key Features and Finishes

If you have upgraded finishes in your home, highlight these in the pictures you list. Get close so buyers can see the colors, tones and textures of these finishes. Some of the upgrades buyers will pay more for include:

  • Granite countertops
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • New washer, dryer, HVAC system or water heater
  • Travertine or other expensive tile floors
  • Outdoor living areas, such as a pool, lanai, front porch or outdoor kitchen

4. Borrow Techniques from Social Media Posts

Some of the techniques and tools used to make photos stand out on social media posts can apply to listing photos, such as:

  • Use a selfie stick to capture photos of a room or feature from a higher angle. This can help you get more of each room into the photos.
  • Just as video content stands out on a social media timeline, it can also draw more eyes to your listing. Videos can help capture the overall flow and give the viewer a feeling of the space before visiting it themselves. Consider creating a short, simple video tour to go along with photos on your listing.
  • Beware of too many effects or too much photoshop. The same way that people are jarred when social media profile photos don’t look like the person in real life, buyers will notice if the listing photos do not match the actual home. In one famous example, potential buyers in Sydney, Australia, complained to authorities when a real estate agency used photoshop to remove an ugly water tower from the background of listing photos.  

Better listing photos can equal less time on the market before you get an offer, so it is well worth your time to take the best ones you can.  


Author: Trevor Tune – VP of Content & Marketing at Clever Real Estate

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