Film Festivals in London that you Can’t Miss

London Film Festival

While London does not host festivals with the name recognition of Sundance or Cannes, the city boasts a large variety of different themed festivals that are not available in other places in the world. At BorrowFox, we recognize the importance of soaking up as much film as you possibly can to inform your own cinematic decisions. Just as important, with the amount of different festival options in London, you are bound to find a festival where your work could easily be chosen to be shown. These are the film festivals in London that you can’t miss.

London Film Festivals

UK Film Festival

The UK Film Festival is one of the biggest, most prestigious festivals that takes place in London. The festival celebrates films from around the world in the heart of London and, unlike so many other festivals, ‘aims to champion great films but in particular is seeking work from those filmmakers who might not yet have had the chance for a prestigious public screening of their work.’ It is a great event that can introduce you to fresh new work and can give BorrowFox users who haven’t gained as much exposure as they might like a legitimate chance to be featured in a prestigious festival. Although submissions are closed for this year, the event kicks off on the 23rd of November.

SC-FI London Festival

Unlike the UK Film Festival, the SC-FI London Festival is considerably smaller – celebrating a niche theme as opposed to a range of themes. However, that does not mean that the SC-FI festival is any less enjoyable nor does it screen less quality films. The festival is in its 17th year, and has had judges that include John Landis and Guillermo del Torro. It is a festival ‘that brings together the best science fiction and fantastic film from around the world… and includes international features, documentaries, short films, animation and film making events.’ If you are especially interested in Science Fiction, the festival is unmissable.

London Short Film Festival

The London Short Film Festival, which will take place from the 11th – 12th of January, 2019, is a celebration of the less commercially viable, but equally creative world of short film. The LSFF is a cutting edge festival that features both homegrown and international talent. Every year more than 10,000 people attend the festival which takes place at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, BFI Southbank, Curzon Soho, Hackney’s MOTH Club and Dalston’s Grade II listed Rio. The large number of attendees is for a good reason. It has been a cornerstone of London’s film scene, and one of the best short film festivals in the world. Submissions are now closed but luckily this festival isn’t going anywhere. Make sure to have something ready for 2020.

Rent From BorrowFox

These are just a few of the amazing film festivals that London has to offer. For filmmakers, these events are both inspirational and potentially a great way to get your name out there and win acclaim for your work. If the festivals inspire you, make sure to rent some inexpensive, high quality kit from BorrowFox and get started on a film submission. Happy shooting!


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