Featured Tech: Sony Alpha a7S II Mirrorless Camera

The Sony Alpha a7S II Mirrorless Camera is one of the most popular and most rented pieces of kit on BorrowFox, and for good reason. The camera is impeccably designed. It feels great in your hands, the various buttons are laid out well, and it is a tough piece of kit. It is waterproof, constructed with magnesium alloy, and boasts a reinforced lens mount.

Not only does the a7S II feel good in your hands it has, more importantly,  the specs and shooting power to match. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the a7S is its ability to shoot in almost any type of light. Unlike many of its competitors, the Alpha can capture quality photographs in almost complete darkness. This is due to the camera’s incredible ability to set the ISO at a maximum of 409,600. Although the camera’s native range of 102,400 will produce less noisy photos, it is nice to have a larger array of options.

When it comes to moving images, the a7S performs very well. According to techradar ‘The quality of the 4K XAVC S video is very impressive and close to that from Sony’s larger professional-level video cameras with 10- or 12-bit outputs.’ So, with a7S you can get near professional grade quality with a smaller, more portable camera. With the Vivid Creative Style setting, the camera can capture wonderfully vibrant colours. The camera also shoots in 120fps, which can allow for great versatility if you are looking to shoot certain scenes in slow motion.

All in all, the Sony Alpha a7S II is a quality piece of kit that is equally as good at shooting stills as it is at shooting movies. With a rental price tag as low as £40 a day from BorrowFox, it is a great bet on a budget.


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