Featured Tech: RED Raven

Like most of the offerings from RED, the RED Raven is an extraordinary cinema camera that produces great results. The Raven is cheaper than its RED siblings such as the Epic and the Dragon, but for a lower price, the Raven still manages to pack a great punch. It is a perfect option for filmmakers who want to shoot content on a smaller budget without sacrificing quality. On BorrowFox, you can rent different RED Raven packages for between £160 – £230 – a great deal considering the camera’s £10,000 price tag.

Camera Feel and Build

Like other cameras produced by RED, the Raven is impeccably designed to offer an intuitive user experience. The camera’s interface is simple and straight forward enough that even an operator who has never touched a RED before will quickly master the controls. Additionally, the camera is impressively lightweight and features no hanging cables which make it a great option for gimbal use. While not as important as the other features, the Raven, like the other offerings from RED, is a great looking camera with sturdy construction.


The Raven’s specs, especially for the camera’s price point are, in a word: impressive. The camera can record 4.5k at 120 FPS and 2K at 240 FPS. It records ProRes in 2K either stand-alone or simultaneously with RAW recording which gives you plenty of options in the editing booth. The camera also boasts built in WiFi, which comes in handy if you are looking to live stream at high quality levels.

If you want to see the true power of the Raven in action, check out this video.

All in all, the Raven is a great, affordable camera that is sure to meet your filmmaking needs.


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