Featured Tech: DJI OSMO

The DJI OSMO is one of the most popular pieces of kit available to rent on BorrowFox. The OSMO is a unique handheld gimbal/camera combo that captures amazing perspective shots. As a company, DJI is mostly known for their high quality range of drones, which are also popular among BorrowFox users. While the OSMO is not a drone, it offers a similar type of easy to control freedom when it comes to photography and filmmaking.

The DJI OSMO is perhaps most easily comparable to the various cameras offered by GoPro. While GoPro certainly revolutionized the handheld, first person perspective camera, the OSMO effectively improves on the concept. The big improvement that DJI made is the built in gimbal attached to the camera on the OSMO. The gimbal provides self-correcting stability that gives the footage a seamless and fluid quality that is nearly impossible to find elsewhere for cameras in the same range.

On the gimbal, right below the camera itself, the OSMO has intuitive and well laid out controls that operate both the camera and gimbal. You can use the OSMO with these controls alone, and without a viewfinder, but if you want to see what you are shooting, you can attach a smartphone to the gimbal that will act both as a viewfinder and as a way to access more controls over the kit.

The camera itself can capture 4k video at 30 fps, and its lightweight build means that it is easy to bring to different places and operate with one hand. With a smartphone attached, you can even livestream your footage.

All in all, the OSMO is one of the best action cameras on the market today. Exceptional video quality, combined with an easy to use stabilizing gimbal, make it a must have for first person perspective action shots. With a price tag of up to £750, the OSMO is not cheap. However, at BorrowFox, you can rent the OSMO for as little as £10 a day.

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