Featured Tech: Canon 5d Mark IV

The Canon 5d Mark IV, which is available to rent BorrowFox for as little as £20 a day, is one of the platform’s most popular cameras, and for good reason. The Canon 5d Mark IV is one of best DSLR cameras on the market. It’s high shooting quality, and its impressive versatility makes it a camera that can perform well in almost any capacity imaginable.

The build and handling of the Mark IV is impressive. The handgrip is large and comfortable, giving the camera an immediate ease of use. This, combined with the magnesium alloy and polycarbonate body give the camera an undeniable sense of sturdiness which is particularly impressive, considering the camera’s relatively low weight. The Mark IV is also weatherproofed out of the box. The touch screen and button layout is intuitive, and the handling feels polished.

Like the construction and feel of the camera, the Mark IV is also impressive for its image quality. The camera’s 30.4 MP sensor is not necessarily the best on the market, but it still manages to capture amazing shots. The Mark IV can also shoot 4k a video, a welcome addition compared to the Mark series’ previous cameras. The 7FPS burst capability, and intelligent viewfinder technology make the camera a great all-arounder – suitable for nearly any type of photography imaginable.

All in all, the Canon 5d Mark IV is an impressive piece of kit. Especially with the low prices offered on BorrowFox, it is definitely a camera worth trying.



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