Featured Tech: Blackmagic Production Camera

The Blackmagic Production Camera, which was added to Blackmagic’s already impressive line of cinema cameras, is a fantastic lightweight and compact camcorder that shoots strikingly high quality footage for such a small package. While all of the high end cinema cameras offered on BorrowFox are worth checking out, if you are looking for a camera that is easy to carry and easy to operate, the Blackmagic Production Camera might be worth a try. And, with a daily rental price of only £35.00 a day, it will certainly fit into your budget.

Camera Specs

For such a compact camera, the Blackmagic still packs quite a punch. The camera’s most impressive feature is the Super 35mm image sensor and accompanying EF compatible lens mount. The sensor is able to capture an incredible amount of even the smallest detail, and the EF compatible lens mount allows you to use a wide range of different lenses.

The Blackmagic Production Camera shoots in ultra HD 4k. The camera records to the visually lossless compressed CinemaDNG RAW and with Apple ProRes 422 (HQ). The Ultra HD Video is a great option for TV shoots. Whether for commercials, newscasts, documentaries, or even full length shows, the Blackmagic shines.

Additionally, the professional recording formats provide ample opportunity to fix anything you might want in post production.

All in all, especially for the low price offered on BorrowFox, the Blackmagic Production Camera is a great little camcorder that packs a big punch.


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