BorrowFox Referral Program: Get £50 Free Credit

At BorrowFox it is our goal to make creativity an accessible commodity for the film and photography community of London. One of the biggest obstacles people in the creative space come up against is the sometimes overwhelming expense of high end equipment. The film and photography industry requires passion, imagination, and creativity. However, if you can’t afford the right tools, these qualities are rendered useless. Unfortunately, good ideas and talent can only get you so far. Luckily, with the BorrowFox platform, it is possible to rent kit from other members of the industry who have rental rates that won’t break the bank.

While all of the offerings on BorrowFox are competitively priced, we wanted to make it even easier to hire your dream equipment. With our referral program, you can receive up to £50.00 to spend on your next transaction. In order to earn £25.00, all you have to do is send a referral link to one of your friends. They will be given £25.00 and so will you. You will make an extra £25.00 once they rent their first piece of equipment. It’s as simple as that.

While £50.00 would be a drop in the bucket if you were planning to buy new equipment, the credit can go a long way on BorrowFox. For example, you could try out a drone for your next shoot, or simply fly it around for fun, for as low as £10 a day. In the mood for some photographic nostalgia? Use your credit to rent out the classic Canon AE-1 for £50 a week. Need a fantastic cinema camera for your next shoot? Shave £50 off the rental fee for an ARRI Alexa Mini.

If any of these, or the countless pieces of kit available on BorrowFox appeal to you, just remember to take a look at our referral program. You won’t regret it.

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