6 Food Photography Tips to Elevate Your Next Meal

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With the emergence of high quality smartphone cameras, a booming foodie culture, and the popularity of #foodporn, food photography has become a favourite art form for amateur and professional photographers alike. However, like any type of popular photography there are some decidedly poor examples of food photography. It is all too common to see poorly constructed plates, bad lighting, and bland looking ingredients on your Facebook or Instagram feed. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips to help you elevate your plate.


Good lighting is a key ingredient in making your dish look appealing. For the most appetizing results, make sure to have quality backlighting. This will assure that the photograph will have an increased appearance of volume and will help the food glisten.

2.Fresh Food

Even if you are classically trained chef who knows how to plate your food in a perfect manner, your food photos will not impress if you do not use the freshest food. While serving a dish to a hungry friend is one thing, any blemish or wrinkle on your fruits, vegetables, or meat will be clear in a photograph.

3. Don’t Fully Cook Your Meal

Taking photos at various stages throughout the meal is a key element in taking the perfect food picture. While it might seem counterintuitive, if not a bit dishonest, snapping a photograph of the dish before it is complete can help highlight the freshness of your meal. While it might not taste as good (you can always finish cooking the meal after the photograph) some ingredients, especially fruits and vegetables simply look better before they have been completely cooked.

4. Be Clean

A good way to ruin what would have otherwise been a great shot is to be messy. Make sure when you are plating your food to keep your work station, table, or whatever background you choose, clean. The same goes for the plate or bowl itself. You do not want to distract your audience with clutter, or grime around your meticulously prepared food.

5. Be Creative

At this point, the overhead shot of your plate, while undoubtedly an attractive angle, has been done a million times. If you want to make a splash with your next food photo shoot, try out some angles that you haven’t tried yet. You might be pleasantly surprised.

6.Choose the Right Kit

Smartphone cameras are easy and convenient to use when taking all photos, including photos of food. However, if you want to capture the true, delicious essence of your next meal check out some of . A higher quality camera will help bring out the high quality of your dish.

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