5 Best Instagram Spots in London

In 2017, London ranked third as the most instagrammed city in the world – and for good reason. The city’s sprawling landscape, the mix of classic and cutting edge architecture, and the unique personality of different neighbourhoods, makes London a prime location to capture stunning shots. While almost every nook and cranny of the city has the potential to be photographed in an aesthetically pleasing way, photos of these five locations will be sure to be a hit with your Instagram followers.

1. Brick Lane

Brick Lane has long been a mecca for immigration. Jewish, Irish, and Bangledeshi immigrants have made Brick Lane a culturally rich neighbourhood. In addition to the area’s cultural heritage, the neighbourhood is also known for its warehouse art exhibitions, trendy clubs, and famous street art. Brick Lane has attracted some of the best graffiti artists in the world. You can see work from Banksy, Stik, ROA, D*Face, Ben Eine and Omar Hassan. If you’re looking to snap some photos of a fascinating confluence of cultures, look no further than Brick Lane.



2. Notting Hill

Notting Hill is one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in all of London. The vibrantly coloured buildings are worth photographing in and of themselves, but the true magic of the neighbourhood comes alive on weekends with the Portobello market. The market offers a variety of goods and attracts large swaths of Londoners and tourists alike so there are always unique slice of life photos to capture. Additionally, the Notting Hill Carnival, which takes place in August and attracts over 1 million people every year, represents a variety of different cultural backgrounds that makes it the perfect place to get an exciting Instagram photo.


3. Barbican

The Barbican Centre is an iconic building located in central London. The building itself is one of the finest examples of brutalism in the world. The centre houses multiple theatres, an art gallery, and a Symphony Hall. Additionally, there is a beautiful greenhouse that provides a great contrast to the brutalist architecture. With the sheer breadth of things to see, the Barbican has everything you could ever want in an Instagram post.



4. Embankment

It is no surprise that the Embankment makes our list of most instagrammable places in London. With views of some of London’s most iconic structures, including the London Eye, Millennium and London Bridges, Parliament, and the Tate Modern the embankment is the perfect place to snap a classic shot. While the Embankment might seem a bit cliché, especially for Londoners, it is still possible, with a bit of creativity, to capture some special pictures.


5.Primrose Hill

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of London to work on your nature photography, but don’t actually want to leave London, look no further than Primrose Hill. The park offers a breath-taking view over London and offers a sense of peace and tranquility that can be hard to photograph in the otherwise teeming Metropolis.



While these are our top suggestions for Instagrammable spots in London, photography relies on individual creativity. Instagram, like BorrowFox, is a great platform because it puts you into control over your creativity. If you want to really make your next posts shine, consider renting one of BorrowFox’s many high-end cameras for your next photo shoot around London.


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