4 Must Have Smartphone Photography Apps

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Photography is a unique art form in the sense that luck and random circumstance can play a large part in snapping a beautiful photo. Often times, when a special scene emerges that deserves to be photographed, you might not have your DSLR, or one of BorrowFox’s offerings on hand. Even without the best kit, however, some things are too exciting, out of the ordinary, or spectacular not to capture. For those moments, sometimes your phone camera has to suffice. While phone cameras have improved exponentially over the past five years, there are a variety of must have apps that can still help elevate your phone pictures.

  1. Pro HDR X for iPhone

The Pro HDR X is a must have app for phone photographers who need to capture a moment that is not particularly well lit. Any situation that has a wide range of light is suitable for high dynamic range photography. The app takes multiple exposures at once which makes editing the brightness and darkness of the photograph afterword a cinch. The app has great editing tools and is essential if you want to avoid over or under exposed photographs.

  1. Adobe Lightroom for iPhone and Android

Adobe Lightroom is a feature rich application that syncs up with its desktop counterpart. The app can be used to shoot photos  (it can shoot in HDR and in RAW), but it shines brightest when used for editing on the go. The app allows for advanced edits that one would normally assume could only be possible on a desktop.

  1. Facetune for iPhone and Android

Facetune is the perfect application to make a not-so-flattering picture of yourself or of your friends into an Instagram or Facebook worthy photograph. It’s impossible to look photo ready all of the time, but with Facetune you don’t have to. The app lets you easily edit out blemishes, whiten teeth, disguise grey hairs and more.

  1. Horizon Camera for iPhone and Android

Horizon Camera is one of the most innovative, but simple smartphone camera apps on the market. The idea is simple: end vertical phone filming for good. Using the phone’s built in accelerometer, Horizon lets you capture horizontal photos and videos now matter how you hold your phone.

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