4 Best Photography Exhibitions in London Right Now

London is a great place to live as a photographer. Not only are there amazing sights to capture, there is also a thriving scene that promotes beautiful art. If you are looking for inspiration from the work of well established figures in the photography world, or you simply want to admire some fantastic art, there are countless exhibitions across London where you can get your fix. Here is a list of 4 of the best photography exhibitions in London right now.

London Photography Exhibitions

London Nights – Museum of London

The Big Smoke is a fascinating, diverse, and beautiful city during the day time. At night, London is all of these things, but it also manages to transform considerably once the sun  goes down. The London Nights exhibit at the Museum of London features photographs by a slew of talented artists who managed to find beauty in the city after dark. The exhibition’s curator, Anna Sparham, writes: ‘The exhibition engages with the specific attraction photographers have to the darkened urban environment. Photography after all depends upon light. Its presence or absence is an enticing challenge to the photographic medium.’ The exhibition is a wonderful testament to the feel of London at night and is definitely worth the trip.

Alex Prager: Silver Lake Drive – The Photographer’s Gallery

Alex Prager is one of the most interesting photographers working in the contemporary art scene. The American born artist borrows beautifully from photography giants such as William Eggleston and Diane Arbus, all the while putting her own hyper-real spin on the images. The exhibition at The Photographer’s Gallery features film works and over 40 photographs. According to The Photographer’s Gallery: ‘Prager’s distinctive works cross the worlds of art, fashion, photography and film, exposing the human melodrama and dark unsettling undercurrents that are threaded through her subject matter.’

Liu Bolin: Vanishing Point – Bel Air Fine Art Contemporary

Liu Bolin’s disassociating, disorienting, but ultimately brilliant photography should be a priority to see for any photographer or lover of art. The Chinese artist’s photographs, which show subjects nearly invisible in front of the background, are a commentary on Chinese and urban society’s insidious ability to make individuality disappear. The exhibition will end on the 15th of September, so make sure to get to the Bel Air Fine Art Contemporary Gallery soon.

The Great British Seaside – The National Maritime Museum

Every person from Britain, and most people who have visited Britain, have a relationship with the British coastal areas. Britain’s seaside is equal parts beautiful, run down, and tacky, which makes it a perfect place for photographers to capture diverse shots. The Great British Seaside exhibition at The National Maritime Museum does just that. It features over 100 photographs from four different photographers. ‘All four photographers share a love of the seaside which reveals itself in playful and often profound representations of the British by the sea while still bringing their own distinctive take on the seaside experience.’ This exhibit is perfect for summer time viewing, and will undoubtedly inspire you to head to the beach to take some pictures for yourself.

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These are some of the best photography exhibitions happening in London right now. However, the city, and its photography scene, is expansive. Definitely check these exhibits out, but also try to venture out on your own in order to find some inspiration from some great artists. And, as always, consider renting a camera from BorrowFox so that you can, when the mood strikes, take some great photos of your own.

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